Retrieval Roulette

I have just arrived home from a great cross-trust science meeting where we have been talking about strategies to help embed learning. One specific tool that came up was the Retrieval Roulette tool. I thought that these resources that I come across would make for a good category within the blog. So here is the first…

These google sheet/Microsoft excel based data sets where essentially a long list of closed questions with corresponding answers. One of the tabs on the file allowed you to select a specific set of questions to choose from and then through random generators and other excel wizardry it presented you with a handful of questions.

Well the RR website has taken it a few (maybe more) steps beyond. Designed by Mr Khairi – it is an aesthetically pleasing and easier to use system. The website acts as a front end of the mass of questions and answers so lovingly put together by the science teaching community. You are able to select your course (from key stage 3, 4 & 5, as well as biology, chemistry and physics) and with a click of a button you can have a whiteboard friendly set of 5 questions, with the answers just a click away, perfect for a self-marked do now/starter or even as a revision tool for pupils. A quick video showing the website in action;

Plenty of credits at the bottom of the website too!

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