Would this help your pupils?

When I was running Team Science Edu, I created a resource that I hoped would solve a few issues.;

I wanted to create a resource that;
– would contain all of our knowledge organisers in one place for easy electronic access by pupils
– I, as the teacher, could update at any point and the pupils would automatically receive the updates
– Pupils could use to navigate through useful resources key to the science GCSE, such as YouTube videos of the practicals, key command words, physics equations etc.

For both trilogy and separate sciences I have put together a slide deck within Google Slides to solve the above.

Here are the slides, that if shared with pupils might give you an opportunity to share a wide range of material in preparation for the exams, be able to update on the fly and ensure that pupils can find what they need with just a few simple clicks.

The first slide, complete with in-document links, has a daily countdown to the exams, so if you updated this on your master copy it would push out to pupils automatically. Great for them to know how long is left until the big day.

Each paper has its own title page, with which topics are included, the specification details as well as the date and time of the exam.

There is space for you to insert your own knowledge organisers here. You could also include exam questions, worksheets or revision resources here as well.

For each science I have found the best YouTube videos that talk pupils through each of the required practicals on each spec. You’ll also notice a ‘home’ button in the top left that allows pupils to easily navigate back to the menu slide.

All the physics equations are also available in the document.

As are a list of the key command words the pupils will find in the upcoming series of exams.

What I would encourage pupils to do with this link, is save it as an icon on the phones as well as devices. This way, revision materials are 5 seconds away, or as long as it takes to get their device, unlock it and click an icon.

I’d love your feedback, is there anything that you think would be useful to include in this slide deck? Head over to my contact page and let me know and I’ll update these in the run up to the summer exams.

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