SF2020 – Welcome

What is it?

Simply, an online science fair. One where students can team up, get given ideas on projects they can carry out at home, and then submit their proposals, ideas and findings to a panel of judges later in the school year. We are hoping to livestream key parts of the competition and involve as many young scientists as possible. We also hope to raise some sponsorship in the way of prizes for the top projects submitted.

Why was it launched?

At the end of March 2020, we were two weeks into teaching our own pupils remotely via video conferencing software when we started talking to other parents. We realised that different schools and communities were dealing with the Coronavirus in different ways. Some pupils were able to carry out lessons remotely, some had no contact with their teachers and everything else in between. We wanted to create a relatively stress free, because everyone is going through enough already, way that young pupils can still engage with science and push their understanding further, while completing an interesting project and sharing it with their peers nationwide.

Who can take part?

This is open to any secondary students (year 7 – 13) in the UK who want to take part. If working in teams, this is to be capped at 3 team members.

All teams/individual pupils are to be registered into the competition by an adult, such as a parent or teacher.